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The Union of French Expatriates is a nonprofit organization whose function is to support the French community around the world. Its mission is to defend their interests with the French government but also to promote and share French culture and traditions in the host environment.

The UFE boasts 170 representations in over 100 countries around the world. UFE-Iowa was created in March 2011.


Our mission

  • -        We have specific events that are aimed at promoting diversity mainly through the French language within the State of Iowa. All our activities are fee-free and target French speaking populations and interest groups within the state including college student with French as their second language, some of which are:
  • -        Partnership with the French Departments in local Colleges and Universities in Iowa for the Journee Philisophique, a program aimed at displaying French values and culture within the State
  • -        We also partner with local colleges and universities and provide fee free French language classes to supplement French lectures
  • -        We organize a variety of fee free events within the state to display the French culture and to offer opportunities for local inhabitants in the state who have French appetite and want to improve their knowledge of the French language – some of the activities which are mainly social, educational and cultural in nature include:
  • -        Celebration of the Bastille Day (July) - French Independence Day (typically a potluck with the Union Francaise de l’Etranger donating supplies, games etc. to the underprivileged)
  • -        Events organized in commemoration of the International Francophonie Day (March): celebration of the French language, typically held at a public location. This event was held in 2016 and is planned for 2017.
  • -        End of year Holiday celebrations (December): to be held on Dec 31 of every year to raise awareness of the French culture.
    •   Ongoing:
    • ·        French expatriate support (adhoc): local job assistance for US companies looking for French speakers, information on local resources to ease relocation process (“How-to” tips)
    • ·        Board meetings (4 times minimum, and one annual General Meeting)
    • ·        French MeetUp events (monthly)
    • ·        Café Philosophique (monthly)
    • ·        Meet & Greet (monthly)
    • ·        Community engagement (periodically, upon member availability): one-on-one free French tutoring, educational group visits at hospitals and day care facilities.
    •  Who participates in the activities?
    • -        The General Public
    • -        Registered members of the Organization
    • -        College and University Students
    •   Where we conduct the activities
    • -        Public venues
    • -        University campuses (Café Philosophique)
    • -        UFE office (Meet & Greet)
    • -        Partner restaurants and local businesses such as coffee shops, recreational centers (MeetUp events, UFE events)
    • -        Member home (whenever members host UFE events)
    • -        Outdoor parks (whenever appropriate for UFE events)
    •  When or how the activities occur
    • -        Board members plan activities at Board meetings. The Board uses social media (UFE Midwest public page on Facebook, UFE Midwest private group on Facebook, public group on MeetUp), newsletters and website updates to inform members about the activities. Board members use UFE email accounts and the Basecamp project management tool to organize their activities.
    • -        Frequency and timing is mentioned above in the list of activities
    •   What fees, if any, are charged and how you spend on the activities
    • -        Registered members have a one-time registration fee of $50
    • -        All other activities are free of charge
    • -        We anticipate fund raising to support our activities as the organization gains recognition
    • -        We also anticipate free will donations from corporations and individuals to support our activities strictly within the confines of legality

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